OSS: OpenJump 1.7 verfügbar

Neues von der OSS-Front, OpenJump ist seit gestern in der Version 1.7.0 verfügbar und kann bei sourceforge.net herunter geladen werden. Ein Liste der Neuigkeiten, Änderungen und Bugfixes findet Ihr in der hier zitierten Mail der OpenJump-Listen:

Dear OpenJUMPers,

we just released OpenJUMP 1.7.0, as usual available on

enjoy the new leap forward ..ede

Changes since 1.6.3 are:

New Features
* add printing capability to PDF, Printer in OJ CORE (SkyPrinter)
* add Calculate Distances plugin: calculate distances between two sets of geometries
* add Move Selected Layer Plugin
* add new PostGIS driver with writable capabilities
* add plugins for Linear Referencing (menu tools > generate)
* enhance image loading support
– add new readers based on Image Commons (Apache) and ImageIO
– image readers should be able to open archives (images + worldfiles)
– readers gather supported formats internally :
IOGraphicImageFactory: [jpg, bmp, wbmp, jpeg, png, gif]
JAIGraphicImageFactory: [bmp, fpx, jpg, pnm, wbmp, tif, jpeg, png, gif, tiff, xtiff]
CommonsImageFactory: [psd and others], see
– with GDAL read support for Windows/Linux (slow/unstable in part) [jp2, ecw, mrsid and others], see
needs downloadable extra libraries and OJ PLUS, see
* add relate (DE-9IM) operator in Simple Query plugin
* Analysis > Geometry function: add 3 functions from JTS
– MinimumBoundingCircle
– MinimumDiameter
– MinimumBoundingRectangle

* #364 AutoAssignAttribute : make it possible to set a date
* add two options to extract segments to make it more usable
* FR 204: separate left/right single sided buffer option of Buffer PlugIn
* bug 88: replace vertex size slider by a logarithmic slider
* add an option to customize date display in attribute panel
* display an icon for null values in attribute panel
* beautify the logo splash
* add RAM size detection to mac/linux start scripts
* update JTS to 1.14(beta): fix bugs in spatiallite geometry handling and
in linear referencing
* save legend plugin : now prints the word „Project“ in front of the projectname
* save legend plugin : many other enhancements
* add 2D/3D option for new Save As PostGIS Table
* renamed ‚Referenced Image [legacy]‘ to ‚GeoTIFF plus (JAI)‘
* move most plugins from conf java file to default-plugins.xml
* reworked plugin management to be able to use default-plugins.xml extensively
* openfile much faster when loading many layers (ex. 100 images)
* enhance clone, undo, redo to manage PK and FID in a consistent way
* add database source in LayerProperties panel if datasource is a datastore
* enhance transaction management in GeometryFunctionPlugIn
* add external PK in FeatureSchema to manage PostGIS data
* ZoomToSelectedItemsPlugIn : better scale calculation
* can read inconsistent shapefile/dbf where shape number <> record number
* reference image loader is faster
* can read dbf files > 2 Gb
* attributes with type Object can now be saved to dbf using toString()
* enhance compressed files / archive open support
– add support for xz (xz, txz, tar.xz)
– add preliminary support for 7zip (only LZMA2 & BZIP compression for now)
– reworked naming of layers opened from compressed files or archives
* ExtractLayersByGeometry: can explode GeometryCollection recursively
* AutoAssignAttribute: changes are now undoable
* a csv file can now be saved to and read from a project file
* feature order is now preserved after transactions (ex. delete)
* update default addresses in the WMS chooser
* ScaleBar is now task dependant
* measurement tool: add relative distance between vertices

Bug Fixes
* bug 359: AddDataStore & AddWritableDataStore panel not working with java 8
* bug 358: resizing a horizontal / vertival line was not possible
* bug 338: attribute window context menu shows while multi selecting on mac
* bug 320: mouse drag in the layerNamePanel could break the application
* bug 355: project containing both file-based and datastore-based layers
* bug 354: OpenRecentPlugIn broken.
* fix a NPE in non editable GeometryFunctionPlugIn (regression)
* bug 352: layers loaded from files could have duplicate names
* bug 199: save raster as can now save larger images if memory is available
* bug 327: header problem in WMS requests
* bug 347: about RangeColorTheming (aka equal intervals)
* bug 340 JTreeLayerName can now autoscroll when layers are moved up or down
* bug 348: in OpenFileWizard
* bug #345 : copy/paste to ReferencedImagesLayer now preserve min/max scale
* bug fixed in PostGISDSMetadata and DynamicFeatureCollection (some
data were never loaded because of the use of ST_Estimated_Extent)
* bug fixed in SpatiaQueryPlugIn (mask layer not always initialized)
* bug fixed in GeometryFunctionPlugIn (mask layer not always initialized)
* bug 295 and 326: better error handling in project persistence mechanism
* Union/Merge plugin: make it more reliable and faster

PLUS version, OTHER extensions
* Fix Road matcher to (make it compatible with OpenJUMP 1.7)
* add Jump DBQuery
* update dxf driver in PLUS (make it compatible with OpenJUMP 1.7)
* update jumpchart from cadplan in PLUS
* new OpenStreetMap (.osm) file reader in PLUS

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